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WELCOME to a history of Turallin - the town that vanished!


Turallin is situated 7.2 kilometres north west of Millmerran a town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia, 208 kilometres (129 miles) west of the state capital, Brisbane. 


Turallin was a fledgling township in 1889 when it was officially surveyed and 40 half acre town allotments were sold at auction. However, the seeds for it's inception were sown as early as 1845 when Western Creek sheep station commenced, and with the arrival of the bullock teamsters, these carriers and suppliers who traveled the Toowoomba – Goondiwindi stock route and rested on the eastern side of Pine Creek (the original name of Turallin). Currently, owned by David and Dorne Linwood.  Soon a settlement grew around the site peopled with workers on nearby stations, newlyweds, families... Despite its optimistic beginnings, Turallin township did not thrive, or indeed survive (the post office finally closed in 1973) for various reasons which will become apparent from the articles reproduced below.


I am grateful to Vince Dooley who has sent me the photos of the

Turallin School in the 1920s.  His father Edward and his brothers

Cecil and Stan and sister Florrie attended the school.  Their father

Edward Senior, had a property which shared a boundary with Turallin

and Vince believes one of the teachers boarded with these grand-

parents of his.  


Whilst I have collected, and almost exclusively reproduced whatever

historical reference to Turallin I could find, including a list of

residents, and a detailed chronology, of course this is only a

beginning.  Turallin's story is worth preserving and the more who

have access to it, the better for its safe-keeping.  I wholeheartedly

invite your additions, corrections or general feedback, and especially

locations where more relics may exist. 


I hope you enjoy the photographs which I took in 2015 of the only

physical remnants left of the little township of Turallin. 

Click "Show More" above for the full collection, and "Online Shop" for






This is a very amusing and enlightening glimpse of life in Turallin in 1889 as reported in the Queenslander newspaper.  The first public auction of 40 half acre surveyed town allotments saw the whole population of the district turn out, plus buyers from far afield. Turallin township boomtime - 1889.    To read the full article...



Turallin is, pinpointed, on the tourist & local maps. However, the sign post guides the traveler to nowhere except antiquity.  At the end of this desolate tarred road rests the imaginary boundaries of this mystic town, displaying no evidence of its ambitious past. Embalmed within these boundaries lingers the sweat, hopes, dreams and memories, of all its former inhabitants, young and old.



12 September 1990 a Mr Dan O'Donnell wrote an article about Turallin that is packed with historic information, particularly about the school and one of its long term attendees, Mr Cec Dooley.   At present I'm not sure which publication it was written for, but I hope to eventually find out.  To read the full article...



This list of the residents of Turallin township and surrounding properties is by no means complete.  Names are added as they crop up in stories and articles, Electoral Rolls, etc. and I sincerely hope you will contribute your own historical records to this page.  



This historical timeline of significant Turallin and Millmerran events is an ongoing and collaborative project in which I invite you to contribute. 

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