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This list of the residents and their occupations of Turallin township and surrounding properties is by no means complete.  Names are added as they crop up in stories and articles, and found on Electoral Rolls from 1903 to 1921, with more to come.  The Electoral Rolls give us our residents' occupations (reprinted below) and the unique property names like Honeysuckle, Savernake, Liselican or Wattlewood, amongst others.  It was interesting to see a definite downturn in the number of people enrolled to vote after 1914.  Turallin's boomtime seems to have been over by then.  Luckily, we have a record of women on the Rolls thanks to the Commonwealth Franchise Act being passed in 1905, enabling all women to vote for the first time.  By 1921 some entries say "Turallin via Millmerran" - Millmerran now connected to the outside world by rail is starting to thrive.  


Hopefully, one day a distant ancestor of a Turallinite may stumble across this site thanks to this list.  Additions always welcome!


"Farmer, saddler, scalper, domestic servant, domestic duties, home duties, labourer, grazier, farmer, blacksmith, carrier, contractor, sawmill owner, drover, sawyer, storekeeper, boundary-rider, blacksmith, stockman, woolclasser, shearer, school teacher, shop assistant, midwife, sheep farmer, mail contractor, dressmaker, licensed victualler, maildriver, station employee, station manager, overseer, caretaker, governess, police constable, carpenter, gardener, postmistress..."



AHERN, Kate Agnes, Turallin, Governess, 1905

ALEXANDER, Edward Campbell, Pine Creek, overseerer, 1909

ALEXANDER, Leonora, Pine Creek, Home Duties, 1909

ANTONIO, Hurtle, E. “Glenferrie”, Stationhand, 1912, Manager, 1916

ANTONIO, Mary Agnes, “Glenferrie”, Home Duties, 1914


BACON, Miss Charlotte, first Pine Creek school teacher 1988

BACON, James Rudkin – Storekeeper & Postmaster 1/9/14, Butchers, 1916

BACON, Mrs Julia Jane (Ward) – first Postmistress 1914 (great grandmother of Ruth and Paul Moloney)  Julia’s daughter Amy Jane and her husband James Moloney took over when she “departed”. 

BACON, Laura Maud, Turallin, Home Duties, 1906

BAILEE, Delica, Turallin Hotel, domestic duties 1905

BAKER, MR E. from Clifton – 1901 provisional school teacher, 27 pupils.

BARR, H. Grazier, 1916

BARR, Mary Gertrude, “Glenferrie”, Domestic Servant, 1912

BAUER, Gottlieb, Turallin, labourer, 1905

BELL, W. Turallin Hotel, 1916

BENNETT, Valentine David, “Glenferrie”, Labourer, 1912

BOLGER, or BODGER, Patrick Joseph Licensed Victualler Turallin Hotel

BOOTH, William, Turallin, Labourer, 1916

BROWN, Mrs, Turallin, 1888 on first Pine Creek school committee

BUTLER, Catherine (or Caroline) Esther, Western Creek Station, domestic duties

BUTLER, Edmund Campbell, Stockman

BUTLER, Edmund Henry, Western Creek, Station Manager

(Note: Mr Butler to show the timber to the inspector re railway application)

BYRNE, Kathleen Josephina, Western Creek Station, Governess


CALVERT, Fred, Cenarth, Turallin, Labourer, 1912

CALVERT, Winifred Mary, Cenarth, Turallin, Home Duties, 1912

CAMERON, John, Durrowah Station, station hand, 1905

CAMERON, Lydia, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1906

CARR, Elizabeth Margaret, Turallin, Cook, 1914

CARR, Frederick Leonard, Turallin, Labourer, 1914

CARSELDINE, Alfred George, Turallin, selector, 1905

CARSELDINE, Norah, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1905

CARSTENS, Charles Edward, Glenferrie Station, Stockman, 1913

CLEWITT – Dunmore Station, 1916

CLUNES, Alfred James, Dunmore Station, stockman, 1905, shearer, 1909

CLUNES, Ellen Eileen, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1905

CLUNES, Emily Mary, Neil Park, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1905

CLUNES, Gordon Kilkenny, Neil Park, Turallin, labourer, 1905

CLUNES, Gordon Stephen, Turallin, labourer

CLUNES, Rose Ann, Turallin, home duties, 1909

CLUNES, William John, Pine Creek Station, labourer, 1905

CLUNES, Lilian Julia, Turallin, Home Duties, 1913

CLUNES, Walter, Turallin, Labourer, 1913

COLEBURN, Mary Agnes, Turallin, Home Duties, 1916

CORBETT, Douglas Brownlow, Dummore Station, Stockman, 1905

CORBETT, Agnes Mary, Turallin, 1912

COY, William, Condamine Plains Station, labourer, 1905

CURRY, Thomas Henry, Turallin, Carpenter, 1905

CURTIS, Colin & Dorothy, “Glenferrie” Owners/Managers, 1940


DAHLMEIMER, Johann Christian, Honeysuckle, Turallin, Grazier, 1909 Selector in district, 1916

DAHLMEIMER, Anna Elizabeth, Honeysuckle, Turallin, Home Duties, 1919

DAHLMEIMER, Carl Hindrick, Turallin, Farmer, 1919

DAHLMEIMER, Louisa Bertha, Honeysuckle, Turallin, housewife, 1909

DAHLMEIMER, John Frederick, Turallin, Labourer, 1919

DAHLMEIMER, Peter, Turallin, Farmer, 1916

DALY, James Joseph, “Glenferrie”, Turallin, Labourer, 1914

DAY, Thomas, Turallin, Stockman, 1909

DEVINE, Alfred Ernest, Pine Creek Station, Grazier, 1906

DEVINE, Bessie, Pine Creek Station, Domestic Duties, 1906

DRINAN, Mary Theresa, Turallin, Dressmaker, 1909

DONELEY, J.T. Boondandilla Station, 1916

DOOLEY, Annie Dorothy, Six-mile, Millmerran, Home Duties 1916

DOOLEY, Edward, Six-mile, Millmerran, Farmer, 1916

DOOLEY, Cecil, Turallin School

DOOLEY, Edward Jnr, Turallin School

DOOLEY, Florence, Turallin School

DOWLING, Gilbert, Turallin, Labourer, 1905

DOWLING, Mary Bridget, Turallin, Domestic duties, 1905

DWYER, James, Hollyford Farm, grazier, 1905


EZZY, F. Selector in district, 1916

EZZY, Charles, Turallin, Gardener

EZZY, Francis Manning, Western Creek, Stockman

EZZY, George Clarence, Pine Villa, Turallin, Stockman

EZZY, Maria Margaret Clara Josephine, Pine Villa, Domestic Duties

ETHEREDGE, 2958 Private Alfred Ernest ETHEREDGE, a 23 year old Station hand from Western Creek via Turallin, Queensland. He enlisted on 21 January 1916; and at the conclusion of the war Returned to Australia, 4 March 1919.


FERDINAND, Walter Charles, Cenarth, Turallin, Labourer, 1919

FERDINAND, William, Cenarth, Turallin, Labourer, 1919

FLOOD, John, Turallin, Labourer, 1912

FLYNN, Eddie, Turallin Store Owner 1940

FLYNN, George Thomas, Greyleigh, Turallin, Farmer, 1906

FLYNN, Arthur Charles, Greyleigh, Farmer, 1912

FLYNN, Lucy Ellen, Greyleigh, Home Duties, 1912

FLYNN, Mary Ann, Greyleigh, Home Duties, 1916

FLYNN, Michael Walter, Greyleigh, Millmerran, Farmer, 1916

FLYNN, Maria, Greyleigh, Home Duties, 1912

FLYNN, Sarah Louisa, Greyleigh, Home Duties, 1912

FLYNN, William, Greyleigh, Farmer, 1912

FORD, Elizabeth, Turallin via Millmerran, Home Duties 1919

FOSTER, Amelia Elizabeth, Turallin, Home Duties, 1936

FOSTER, William James, Turallin, Labourer, 1936

FOX, A. Selector in district, 1916

FRASER, David, “Glenferrie”, Labourer, 1912


GEISEL, A. Selector in district, 1916

GILLESPIE, Arthur Michael, Turallin, School Teacher, 1909

GILLESPIE, Emily Harriet, Turallin, Home Duties, 1909

GOLDEN, Richard, Turallin, Scalper, 1905

GOLDEN, Rose Ann, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1905

GRAY, Jeremiah, Dunmore, labourer, 1905

GRAY, John, Kurrowah, labourer, 1905

GREISHEIMER, Henry David, Turallin, Labourer, 1912, 1919


HAGAN, Bernard Henry, Turallin Selector 1906, Callingan Station, 1916

HAGAN, Matilda, Turallin, Home Duties, 1909

HANHAM, Paul Ernest, Glenferrie, Labourer 1912


HICKS, Lucy Ada, Cenarth, Turallin, Housekeeper, 1916

HECKENDORF, Matilda Martha, Honeysuckle, Turallin, Dressmaker, 1909

HECKENDORF, Frederick William, Turallin, Labourer, 1921

HISCOCK, Tom, Turallin, Teacher, 1905

HODGENS, Andrew Albert, Turallin, Labourer 1913

HOLLY, E.L. Glenferrie 1922

HOLLEY’S Sawmill

HONOR, William – Head Teacher Pine Creek School 1919 (over 2 decades) Established extensive gardens at the school.


JENKINSON, Elizabeth, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1906, 1919

JENKINSON, Jesse, Turallin, Labourer, 1906

JENKINSON, Robert Griffith, Turallin, Labourer, 1916

JENKINSON, Thomas Griffith, Turallin, Labourer, 1916

JOYCE, Paddy (won the bridle at the land auction races 1889.)


KAYE, Alexander, Turallin, Labourer, 1905

KEALY, William, Pine Creek Station, Labourer, 1905

KELCHER, Denis, Western Creek, Blacksmith

KENYON, William, Glenferrie, Labourer 1912

KEEFER, C.M. Turallin, 1988 Inaugural School Committee member

KING, Joseph Henry, Back Creek, Labourer, 1906

KING, Sarah, Back Creek, Domestic Duties, 1906


LARNEY, Eliza Jane, Turallin, Home duties, 1909

LARNEY, Thomas, Turallin, Labourer, 1909

LEONARD, Peter, Rockview, Grazier, 1905 (Selector 1916)

LEONARD, Margaret, Rockview, Domestic Duties, 1905

LEWIS, Ethel, Liselican, Millmerran, Housekeeper, 1919

LINDENBERG, Charles Otto, Turallin, Storekeeper, 1912

LINDENBERG, Johanna Mary Teresa, Turallin, Home Duties, 1912

LUTON, Ambrose James, Turallin, Hotelkeeper, 1914


MADDISON, Henry Joseph, Cenarth, Turallin, Labourer, 1909

MADDISON, Lottie, Cenarth, Turallin, Home duties, 1909

MARKEY, Arthur Edward, Turallin, Drover

MARKEY, Mary, Post Office Turallin, Domestic Duties

MILLER & BAYLEY – Owners of “Glenferrie” 1929

MILLER, Robert, Turallin, Carpenter, 1912, 1916

MOLONEY, Amy Jane Angela, Turallin PO, Domestic Duties (Daughter of Julia Bacon, first postmistress – Amy and husband James took over PO from her)

MOLONEY, James, Turallin PO, Storekeeper  (First purchaser of a town lot in the new town (Queenslander, Sat 9 Nov, 1889: The Founding of a City – Turallin) He paid 10 pound.  It was a corner lot.  James died 5 Nov 1913 from cancer. 

Grandchildren Ruth Daly & Paul Moloney donated the Rosebowl they received for services at the PO to the M’ran Historical Society Museum, saying, “they were both very public spirited citizens and he delivered telegrams at all hours on horse back.  He was a JP (see pp5 BC&B).  He also went in Sulky to the Old Jondaryn Shire Council’s meetings to campaign for a Cheese factory in the district.  He died of cancer on 5/11/1913. James Thomas Moloney (born 1900) was the last of his five children, … they lost one son soon after birth. 

MOLONEY, Veronica Esther, Turallin, Home Duties, 1916

MALONEY, Mrs. A.M. Grazier, 1916

MIDDLEDITCH, Robert Wolfred, Turallin, Labourer, 1913

MILLER, Robert, Turallin, Carpenter, 1914

MORROW, Caroline, Dunmore Station, Domestic Duties

MORROW, Charles Alexander, Dunmore Station, Boundary Rider­­

MURPHY, Alice, Turallin, Domestic Duties

MURPHY, Daniel Robert, Liselican, Grazier, 1913

MURPHY, Denis, Turallin, labourer

MURPHY, Mary, Turallin Hotel, Domestic Duties, 1906

MURPHY, J.  Lessee of property across road from school, used for children’s school horse paddock

MURPHY, Margaret, Liselican, Turallin, Home Duties, 1916

MURPHY, John, Liselican, Millmerran, Boundary Rider, 1909, Grazier, 1912

MURPHY, Patrick, Liselican, Boundary Rider 1912

MURRAY, Richard, Turallin, Stockman, 1909

MURRAY, Charlotte, Turallin, Housewife, 1914


McCANNA, James, Dummore Station, Stockman 1905, “Glenferrie”, Labourer 1914

McCORMACK, Archibald, Turallin, Scalper, 1906

McNULTY, Henry, Kurrowah Station, Labourer, 1905


O’CONNOR, J. Grazier 1916


PETERS, Catherine Mary, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1906

PETERS, James Patrick, Turallin, Labourer, 1906

PHILLIPS, P. Selector 1916

PHILLIPS, Jane Elizabeth, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1905

PHILLIPS, Michael, Turallin, Labourer, 1905

PIERCE, MR W. Lemon Tree Sheep Station (2 miles south) Manager/Owner 1901.

PIMM E. Selector 1916


RAWSTHORNE, Annie Zulienne, Pine Creek, Housewife, 1909

RAWSTHORNE, Thomas Joseph Morton, Pine Creek, Labourer, 1909

ROBERTSON, Isabella, Ellerslie, Turallin, Home Duties 1916

ROBERTSON, John, Elleslie Farm, Farmer, 1905 (Grazier, 1916)

ROBERTSON, Jane Elizabeth, Ellerslie Farm, Domestic Duties, 1905

ROBERTSON, Robert James, Ellerslie, Turallin, Grazier, 1916

ROBERTSON, Walter Gordon, Ellerslie, Turallin, Overseer

ROBERTSON, Francis Charles, “Glenferrie”, Cook, 1912

ROSS, John, Turallin, Labourer, 1916

ROSS, Lydia, Turallin, Home Duties, 1916

RYAN, James, Turallin Hotel, Licensed Victualler, 1905


SANDILANDS, Rachael, Dunmore Station, Domestic Duties, 1905

SHANNON – Dunmore Station, 1916

SMITH, Marion Grace, Dunmore Station, Domestic Duties

SMITH, Percy Clarence, Dunmore Station, Manager

SMITH, Mary, Ellerslie Farm, Governess, 1905

SMITH, Miss Annie M. – Head Teacher when new school built and Pine Crk school relocated closer to town in 1914

SMITH, William Charles, “Glenferrie”, labourer, 1912

SMULLIN, Patrick, Turallin, labourer, 1905

SOPP, Albert Snr, Turallin, 1888 on first Pine Creek school committee & Secretary of the School Committee 1907.  Savernake, Grazier, 1906

SOPP, Albert Jnr, Savernake, Labourer, 1906

SOPP, Charlotte Julia, Savernake, Domestic Duties, 1906

SOPP, Charlotte Julie, Jnr, Savernake, Home Duties, 1909

SOPP, Frederick, Savernake, Labourer, 1906

SOPP, George, Savernake, Labourer, 1906

SOPP, Janet Rose, Turallin, Home Duties, 1909

SOPP, C, Grazier 1916

SOPP, John Huntley, Savernake, Farmer 1912

STERLING, Adam, Pine Creek Station, Caretaker, Grazier 1916

STERLING, Wilhelmina Maria Emily, Domestic Duties, 1906

STERLING, Emelia, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1906

STOCKBRIDGE, Thomas, Turallin, Labourer, 1903

STOCKS, Isaac Easton, Liselican, Millmerran, Carpenter, 1916


TENNANT Bros, Owners, Avonmore Station 1916

TOMBLIN, Richard, Rabbit Fence, Western Creek, Labourer, 1909

THOMAS, Arthur Leonard, Turallin, Selector, Grazier, 1916

THOMAS, William Edward, “Glenferrie”, Labourer, 1912

THOMSON.  W. Grazier, 1916

THOMSON, Arthur Henry, Turallin, Farmer, 1909

THOMSON, Henry Alexander, Turallin, 1888 on first Pine Creek school committee, Rockdale, Sheep Farmer, 1906

THOMSON, James Henry William, Turallin, Station Hand 1906

THOMSON, Lucy Maria, Rockdale, Domestic Duties, 1906

THOMSON, Magdeline, Turallin, Domestic Duties, 1906

THOMSON, Margaret Maria, Rockdale, Domestic Duties, 1906


VAUGHAN, Julian Wilmot Morris, Cenarth, Turallin, Grazier, 1909, 1916

VAUGHAN, Mary Catherine, Cenarth, Turallin, Home Duties, 1909


WEHRLI, Eugene, “Glenferrie” 1912

WHITE, Clara Alice, Western Crk St, Domestic Duties

WHITE, Patrick David,Stockman

WILLIAMS, J, Boondandilla Station, 1916

WOODLOCK, Josephine, Liselican, Millmerran, 1916



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