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1841       Yandilla Station formed. NE corner of Yandilla included Turallin (forming boundary with Western Creek)

1848       James Laidlaw takes up Western Creek Station –

1849       Captain Vignolles settled at Western Creek

1860’s     Parts of Yandilla, including Turallin area, resumed by Govt and made available for settlement.

1871       1/7/71  Post Office first established at Western Creek, transferred to Pine Creek 1888

1873       “Glenferrie” originally part of Yandilla acquired by Frederick Struver. 

1876       Crown Alienation Act of 1876 allowed closer settlement to take place

1879       Ref. in The Brisbane Courier in 1929 that Glenferrie Shearing Shed was built 40 yrs ago ie 1879

1880       More of Yandilla resumed and a large area (Turallin) disposed of by auction.

1881       Edward Walpole establishes general store at Back Creek

1884       Seeds of the town of Millmerran were sown

1887       5/12/87   Public Meeting Turallin to open Provisional School at Pine Creek

1887       31/12/87  Post Office closed at Western Creek & moved to Pine Creek

1887       Western Creek ceased to carry sheep

1888       1/1/88 4/9/88   PO transfers from Western Creek (established at homestead 1871) to residence of

               Mrs J. Bacon in developing Turallin.

1888      Pine Creek provisional school opens one mile from township – no. students in early photo 18

1880’s    mid-1880's Sawmills: earliest at Five Mile near Stonehenge operated until 1890’s, Mills at Punches

               Creek, Bora Creek, Western Creek and near Turallin, at Ferndale.

1889       1/6/89Walpole appointed Postmaster when the Receiving Office was elevated to Post Office and name

               changed to Domville. Served as Postmaster until 1913

1889       May 89    Turallin surveyed by Mr F H Blennerhassett into 40 allotments. Streets named.

1889      12 June    The plan of survey for Town of Turallin lodged by surveyor.

1890/92   Floods in district.

1894      16/11/94    Post Office changed from Domville to Millmerran.

1899       5/7/99    Telephone Office opens at Millmerran – to and fro Leyburn.

Early 1900   Cheese factory – 3 miles out of M’ran on Captain's Mountain road and close to Shire dam known as

               Gallaghers Dam.

1904      Pine Creek becomes Turallin

1904      Pine Creek School to Turallin school name change

1904      James Moloney, Storekeeper, Butcher was Postmaster.

1908      Application to move Pine Creek School into Turallin township

1908      Telegraph Office working to Leyburn installed (Mrs E. McDonald 24 yrs service as Post Mistress;

              closed 31/12/73)

1911       12/4/11    Date railway petition began and letter to Minister Railways re extension of rail line sent in August

1911        26/6/11   Report on Timber SW Millmerran (Clontarf & Kooroongarra Railway Leagues)

1911        3/8/11      Letter to MLA requesting deputation from Turallin re railway

1911        10/8/11    Minutes of meeting with Minister re railway

1911        October  Millmerran Rail line opens

1912       Application for new school building approved

1912       Population of Millmerran district about 600

1913       April   New school building completed and school relocated to Turallin township on Portion 7.

              (Miss A M Smith teacher)

1913       Jondaryan Division Board divided in 1913 into three sections: Jondaryan, Pittsworth and Millmerran.

              Shire of Millmerran was constituted by proclamation. (Population estimate: 1450 covering 861,440 acres).

1913      Walpole ceases as Postmaster. E. Moloney is listed as Post Office 1/11/13.

1914      1/9/14   James Bacon, Storekeeper becomes Turallin Postmaster (just after begin of WW1)

1914      Turallin school 25 pupils

1914      Jondaryan Division Board (before being divided in 1913 into three sections: Jondaryan, Pittsworth

              and Millmerran).

1921      Population Millmerran area 1965

1924      29/1/24   Report on the Golder bore sunk ½ mile east Turallin

1929      18/11    Shearing shed burns at Glenferrie. Refs to owners, value, age (built 40 yrs ago – 1879) “best built in

              area”.   Other property saved by volunteers from Turallin township

1940      Turallin still a township, 7 or 8 homes, store, school, Church of England and Post Offie still there but hotel gone. 1973      31/1/73   Turallin Post Office closes (in 1980 2 mail runs per week to Turallin – Mail service no 73)

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