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Blue Space Art

I'm so excited to announce the new umbrella name of Byron Bay Beach Photography - Blue Space Art. As BBBP is not just about photography - it's about everything that can be done with photography as much as simply capturing moments frozen in time. And the magic always happens in the "blue space". When adding a touch of photo-artistry to a special photograph, I can intuit when it is done - nothing needs to be added - I give thanks to the muse and viola! This portrait of a special little three year old was no exception. Again, a retro old world feel seemed right so I framed it in an old vintage book for added punch for the website. But without it this is going to look very beautiful framed - (minus the watermark of course). Customers don't have to have their photo-artistry applied to their favourite photos immediately. They can send them to me when the time is right.

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