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Pioneering Past Meets Present Day

"Co-incidence is God's way of remaining anonymous" Albert Einstein.

I love this quote - it's one way to make sense of the strange and unpredictable. Eighty years ago my paternal Grandmother, Margaret Turner, lived in a house on the property next to this old Cream Shed and Barn in this photo. She ran the telephone exchange and my Dad, then 13 or so, had left home to work, removing the box thorn bush that still prevails today in that area.

So what a "co-incidence" that I nervously attended this same property for my first professional photography shoot in Millmerran last week. I thought of Grandma a lot as I walked the paddocks taking photos of Kerry in full pregnancy bloom. Grandma had birthed eleven children. I thought of Grandma in the Cream Shed, churning butter with her neighbour ready for a batch of scones or Anzac Biscuits. And I imagined her spirit with me, smiling. Who would have thought? She said. I love this photo art piece for all these reasons but also because it came together effortlessly - layers of textures and working the light till I knew it was exactly how she would have liked it. It's for sale in the online Shop. For you Grandma with love.

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