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Robert William Thompson and Margaret Wright     my maternal Grandparents

David Thompson and Elizabeth Craig    My Great Great Grandparents

I know very little of David and Elizabeth except they were the parents of my Great Grandfather David Thompson, and that they lived at the time of his birth in 1853 in Kellovan, Ireland.  

Let's hope we can expand on this soon!

David Thompson and Eliza Curtis.     My Great Grandparents

The following information is taken from handwritten notes left by Aunty Joyce and mum, and a typed extract from Births, Deaths and Marriages, Toowoomba, dated October 1992.  


David Thompson was born in 1853 in Kellovan, County Sligo, Ireland and at the age of 22 sailed for New Zealand and eventually Australia. Mum believes he was in Melbourne at some stage.   David married Eliza Curtis (no birth details) in Liverpool, Sydney in 1883 (when he was 30 yrs old).  Eliza was only 14 at the time.  They travelled from Sydney and in Queanbeyan they have buried their first baby, a little girl named Rebecca, in the Queanbeyan Cemetery in an unmarked grave.  She was either 4 weeks or 4 months old, and her grave number is possibly 1873.    

David, according to his obituary, became interested in wheat growing in New South Wales.  Perhaps this is what he was doing when, in Barraba on the New England tableland, my grandfather, and mum's father Robert William Thompson was born on 15 March 1893 (?).  

However, it was at St. Rohans Station, Brookstead where David and Eliza and children lived for 63 years.  (Information taken from his obituary.  If he was 82 when he died and was in NSW at least until 1893, he can't have lived there for 63 years - more like 42 years).  


Mum noted that Grandfather Thompson "left uncle Ollie well off in his will - not the rest of the family."

Children of David and Eliza Thompson - with their ages at the time of David's death in 1935:

Kathleen 48 years

John 45 years

David 43 years  (my great-uncle who married Maggie's sister, Ethel Wright)

Robert 41 years - (my Grandfather who married Margaret (Maggie) Wright)

Annie 37 years

Minnie 37 years

Joseph 33 years

Oliver 28 years

(2 children deceased).  

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