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GEORGE LESLIE, the fourth son of William Leslie, 10th laird of Warthill, Aberdeenshire, was born in 1820. The most down to earth of six brothers, George emigrated to Sydney with his brother Walter, in 1838, where his commonsense was immediately tested by the necessity of backing up Patrick Leslie's dramatic 1839 expedition to the Darling Downs. He was put in charge of huge flocks at Dunheved, Phillip Parker King's property, which had to be brought up to Canning Downs where Patrick had established his squatter's claim. When Patrick got into grave financial difficulties it was George who helped to extract him, with the help of their eldest brother William (subsequently 11th laird of Warthill), taking over the management of Canning Downs, naming - with Patrick - the town of Warwick, and becoming in 1851 the first active member of the Legislative Council working for separation for Queensland. His health broke down and he returned to England in 1855, where he died, childless, in 1860. His widow Emmeline was the beautiful younger sister of Kate Macarthur, and greatly admired by the explorer Leichhardt.


(Source: Clan Leslie Society Australia and New Zealand)

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