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  1.    What should I wear on my beach photo shoot?

Whatever you wear or don't wear, please choose something you feel comfortable and relaxed in.  And just a few more things to think about:

  • Colors like aqua, turquoise, navy, sea green go well in a beach setting.  Also bold accent colors such as coral or pink.  And they will look good on your skin.   White is classic of course.

  • Soft, loose fitting, natural fabrics that drape and flow make for beautiful beach portraits.

  • Not a big fan of strong patterns, but if you must... make sure the rest of the group are wearing colors from a similar palette.

  • Love long maxi skirts, soft scarves and flower head pieces to create an ethereal look for a timeless portrait.

  • Hats and umbrellas can add a nice touch.

  • Solid colors – if you are fun and energetic - bright colors, laid back and relaxed - neutral colors.

  • For young children – bring a change of clothes as that gorgeous water is usually irresistible.

  • Now I’ve totally confused you, wear whatever you like! 

  2.   Should I bring any props?

It's your shoot and you can bring whatever you like!  A mermaid tail, surf board, boogie board, bucket and spade,

umbrella, hat, favourite shawl, guitar, frisbee, a chair or beach towel, etc ...  or just you works just as well. 

  3.   How do I pay for my beach photo shoot? 

When you book your shoot via the On-line Booking Form, you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your booking.

Please bring credit card or cash $s to your photo shoot to pay for the balance.  

  4.   When and how do I get to see and share my photos?

We will absolutely endeavor to process your photos as quickly as possible as we know you will be dying to

see them!    Realistically, please allow:

  • For the longer one hour+ shoots - from 48 hrs to up to one week (could be much less in off-peak times).  

  • For 15 minute shoots - within 24 hours (could be much less in off-peak times).


You will see and be able to share your photos from your very own Online Photo Album:

  • Your Photo Album will be uploaded to the website under the special Client Showcase menu item.

  • Don't worry, only you will be able to see your Photo Album as you need a special access password to open it.  

  • We'll email the Album link and password to you as soon as it is published.  

  • You can easily share the link (and access password) to all to your family and friends by clicking on the Email, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter -  icons on your Album page.

  • Your Photo Album will remain on the website for one month giving you time to download your photos.   We will email you 48 hours in advance of removing them to let you know in case you haven't downloaded them yet.     

How can I download my Photos?


  • You can download your whole Online Photo Album as a .zip file by clicking the

      download icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your Album.  Looks like this

      and is next to your Email and Social Media sharing icons.  

What resolution are the Photos?

  • Because the photos are very high resolution and would take a long time to download on your mobile devices, the Online Album Photos are low web resolution suitable for email and social media sharing.

  • All your PRINT quality, high 300dpi resolution photos can be put on a USB stick and either delivered to you locally, or posted to you.  A fee of $25 (post in Australia) would be required for this service.

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