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The following Record shows full details of Tobias Beil and Elizabeth Richardson (parents of Grandma Turner's mother Christina Beil). Whoever completed this, when and why is a mystery at this stage. I love that it documents all Christina's siblings and their partners and their date/place of death.  It does say Christina was born 6 Jan 1871 whereas my records state she was born in 1872.  So we need clarification on that.  If the former she had Jessy when she was 15, not 14 and Grandma when she was 17, not 16.  It's important to get this date right. 

On this record the name "Anderton" appears.  I know Dad's sister, my Aunty Dot (Dorothy) married Herbert Beil Anderton, who was related to her and this is the first inkling of how that came to be.  Uncle Herbert could be the son of either Shelley or William - seems they both married Beil sisters. 

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